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Yoplait Thick And Creamy

Yoplait® Thick & Creamy® is extra-thick and super-creamy for a deliciously rich taste. Yoplait ®, the only leading yogurt with vitamin D in every cup!Img_creamy_final

Right now, Save $.60 on THREE when you buy THREE CUPS any flavor Yoplait® Thick & Creamy Yogurt OR Yoplait® Thick & Creamy Light Yogurt. Click Here to get your Yoplait Thick and Creamy Yogurt coupon.

Discover Vitamin D

You know that you need calcium for strong bones, but did you know that you also need vitamin D to help your body absorb calcium? This winning combination of nutrients is now provided by your favorite yogurt—Yoplait, the only leading yogurt with vitamin D in every cup!

Our bodies need vitamin D for the absorption of calcium to build and maintain strong bones. Studies show that calcium absorption improves when taken along with Vitamin D.1 Other studies show that vitamin D may help prevent bone fractures later in life.2, 3

Researchers are also investigating links of vitamin D to prevention of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and certain cancers.4

Find more information on Vitamin D as well as more information about Yoplait Products at: www.yoplait.com

Yoplait Yogurt Coupon

Yoplait Yogurt is a great substitute for Mayonnaise or Butter Cream in some recipes to help reduce those fat calories.Yoplait_Final

Yoplait® Large Size Yogurt brings you the deliciously creamy taste of Yoplait® yogurt in a convenient 2 lb container. Yoplait® Large Size Yogurt is perfect for an anytime treat or use as a healthy alternative in your favorite recipes.

We have a coupon available for Yoplait Large Size Yogurt and can be used on any of these great Yoplait Flavors: 99% Fat Free Creamy Strawberry, 99% Fat Free Creamy Harvest Peach, 99% Fat Free Creamy Strawberry Banana, 99% Fat Free Creamy Vanilla, Light Fat Free Creamy Vanilla, Light Fat Free Creamy Strawberry, Fat Free Plain.

Source: www.Yoplait.com


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