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Keebler Cracker Coupons

Keebler Flipsides Printable Coupon

If you haven't tried Keebler Flipsides, you have to... They are one of the best crackers to use with cheese Keebler Coupon balls or dips. Keebler Flipsides are unique in that they are a pretzel cracker. So not that traditional fragile, crumble, mess up the cheese ball type.

Our Printable Keebler cracker coupon saves you $1 off the purchase of two boxes of Keebler Flipsides. If you like Keebler Town House crackers, you will love these. There are many Flipside flavors to choose from that are not too overpowering but add a nice compliment to the fixins!

Print your Keebler Filpside Coupon Here.


Keebler Sandwich Crackers

Save 55 cents when you purchase one pack of Keebler Sandwich Crackers 8ct. Get the Coupon Here.

That's a pretty good coupon if I may say so myself. Keebler Sandwich Crackers come in four different flavors and are only a few bucks. So since this is a savings of $.55, it is right around 20% off of regular prices. Keebler Sandwhich Crackers If you want to save more, simply check out the grocery sales here at groceryguide.com . You can look at the sales for your local grocery stores and grocery chains and compare their circular savings and deals.

My favorite of the Keebler Sandwich Crackers (in case you were wondering) is the Cheese & Peanut Butter. They are pretty good and a great backpacking or grab and go type food. They have a bit of protein (4g) and the fat is not too high (10g) which make for a perfect post exercise treat.

The other flavors are Toast & Peanut Butter, Cheese & Peanut Butter, Cheese & Cheddar, Club & Cheddar. Be sure to get the printable coupon if you are interested. Again, it may just be me, but everything sure tastes better when you get a deal.

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