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Betty Crocker Frosting Coupons

Betty Crocker Frosting

You have to hurry to get this Betty Crocker Coupon. It is a big one. Why such a big deal? Betty Crocker Coupon You only have to buy one frosting which is fairly cheap right now just about everywhere. When you buy one Betty Crocker Frosting, you save $.50. That saves you between 25-75% depending on your local grocery deals.

When time is tight (like now around the holidays), Betty Crocker Frosting comes to the rescue. Especially when the savings potential is so high and easy.

Print Betty Crocker Frosting Coupons

Keebler Cracker Coupons

Keebler Flipsides Printable Coupon

If you haven't tried Keebler Flipsides, you have to... They are one of the best crackers to use with cheese Keebler Coupon balls or dips. Keebler Flipsides are unique in that they are a pretzel cracker. So not that traditional fragile, crumble, mess up the cheese ball type.

Our Printable Keebler cracker coupon saves you $1 off the purchase of two boxes of Keebler Flipsides. If you like Keebler Town House crackers, you will love these. There are many Flipside flavors to choose from that are not too overpowering but add a nice compliment to the fixins!

Print your Keebler Filpside Coupon Here.

Kelloggs Corn Flakes Coupons

Print your Kelloggs Corn Flakes Coupon

While they last, we have a terrific $1 off one box of Corn Flakes.Corn Flake Coupon These are great for the holidays to crush  and put over the casseroles or just to eat with milk. These coupons for Corn Flakes always go fast and there are a limited number available.

This Corn Flake Coupon is valid only on the Touch of Honey variety. Which makes for a nice change from traditional Corn Flakes in that it has just a hint of sweet that goes along with Kellogg's healthy snack.

Print your Corn Flake Coupon Here.

Chex Cereal Coupon

Print Your Chex Coupon.

In the ever chaotic day, more and more people are finding it difficult to get enough whole grains into

Chex Coupon their diets. Chex Cereal is a great way to help out! Whether you use Chex Cereal in Chex Mix or simply with milk in a bowl, it is a healthy and delicious option.

Print Your Chex Cereal Coupon

Our Chex Cereal Coupon is valid for $1 off two boxes of any flavor Chex Cereal. You can print up to two of these Chex Coupons right from your computer.

Using GroceryGuide.com, you can find Chex on sale at your local grocery store and even compare the lowest price among your local grocers to make the best use of your coupons.

Chex Details source http://www.chex.com/:

Simply Nutritious

With an irresistible flavor and a hearty crunch, Chex® is a great way to get more whole grain in your diet!
  • Rice Chex ®
  • Corn Chex ®
  • Wheat Chex ®
  • Multi-Bran Chex ®

Simply Delicious

If you like your Chex® sweet, but not too sweet, try one of our sweet flavors. All with less than 10 grams of sugar per serving!
  • Honey Nut Chex ®
  • Chocolate Chex ®
  • Strawberry Chex ®
  • Cinnamon Chex ®

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